Monday, January 21, 2013

Disney Wrap-Up

So, I was naive enough to think that I would be able to blog in the evenings after days at Disney World. Um, no. A day in a Disney park is enough to knock one on one's backside, so to speak. All I could do after getting back to the hotel was have a glass of wine and space out. We left Orlando at noon and are now safely ensconced in a hotel in Atlantic Beach, where I can listen to ocean surf rather than the cacophony of a theme park.

Food at Disney actually turned out better than I expected.

Saturday we went to Epcot, and had lunch at Seasons Food Court after riding Soarin'.

Veggie wrap:

Quite tasty, albeit slightly too heavy on the eggplant.

Hard-boiled eggs (ate the whites, left the yolks behind:

Had to get some protein in since the veggie wrap didn't have much.

We met friends for dinner at Chefs de France.
Appetizer of French onion soup:

Tasty but large - I ended up leaving half of it behind.

Entree of duck breast and leg with cherry sauce:

This was cooked very well, the sauce was delicious, and there was none of that un-rendered fat that can make duck unpleasant. It was accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes and baby pattypan squash.

We spent Sunday in the Magic Kingdom. I did not eat anything there as the offerings at counter service restaurants were unappetizing. We got there first thing in the morning, then at 2:00 or so left for a swim and rest at the hotel. I had lunch poolside - a Cuban sandwich. Then we returned to the park at 7:00 to catch the Main Street Electrical Parade, the Wishes fireworks show, and a few more rides.

Monday morning we returned to Epcot, and had breakfast at the Seasons food court while waiting for our Soarin' Fastpasses to become valid.

Special K and fat-free strawberry Greek yogurt:

A satisfying breakfast that clocks in at 190 calories.

The Seasons food court definitely wins for healthy eating; the Magic Kingdom would do well to add something similar to their offerings.

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