Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Out to Lunch: Salsarita's

Today, Election Day, is a school holiday here, so after voting I took my son out to lunch. We went to Salsarita's, a chain burrito restaurant. I had a small bowl:

This bowl had black beans, pork, lettuce, and cheese. The pork was tender with a mild flavor. The pico de gallo on the side perked everything else up a bit. One trick to eating light at these burrito places is to skip the tortilla. My bowl was 320 calories; a small burrito with the same contents would have been 520.

Salsarita's has a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, so I was able to accompany my meal with a fruit-punch flavored Fanta Zero. I'd have preferred a beer, but, you know, driving and all that.

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